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The founder of Laico Group is Mahmoud Zeini. He got his Master’s in Economics and Management from the National University of Iran (presently known as Shahid Beheshti University) in 1970. Upon graduation, he started working in the Ministry of Energy (Tehran Regional Electric Company) as an expert in planning and reforming procedures. However, his creative financial ideologies were not completely in line with a regular 9-5 job. Therefore, despite being an influential and successful employee and the insistence of Ministry of Energy’s directors for further cooperation, he decided to quit his job. He immediately started Doop, which was a clothing company. He then developed his business in 1979 by founding Iran Laee. In 2003, Mahmoud Zeini bought major stocks of Khoy Textile Factory and devoted himself wholeheartedly to the improvement this factory and Iran’s textile industry. With years of experience in production, industry, and business, he is now the leader and director of Laico Group (which involves Iran Laee, Chaprang, and Vivana chain stores). He has been a board member of Association of Iran Textile Industries for more than four terms. He has also provided invaluable services, especially to the textile industry of Iran, in the capacity of a member of the Chamber of Commerce and other trade unions.
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