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Laico Group started its production activity in 1976 through establishing a textile and clothing company (Doop) in a small building. This small company was developed to a bigger one, named Iran Laee, in 1976. This company imported the first nonwoven machinery in order to manufacture bedding sets in Iran. Headquartered in Tabriz, Iran Laee annually produced 1500 tons of various industrial gaskets, sleep products, and home textile during the first two years of its establishment. Later, the company was developed and its production capacity increased. Because of its high quality products, Iran Laee was able to attract many customers and directly present its products to customers across Iran through representatives and agents. With the aim of completing supply chain and developing Laico Group, Chaprang Company was established in 1991. Modern dyeing and printing machine tools were immediately bought and installed for Chaprang, hence completing the factories of Laico Group within 2 years.
During the past 41 years of manufacturing and business activities, Laico Group has maintained high standards for its products and has registered 4 reputed brands that produce, distribute, and sell bedding sets and home textile.
Mission of Laico Group
Directors, officers, and employees of Laico Group are deeply concerned with customer satisfaction, subscribing to the idea that it is the main reason for their success. Laico Group tries to constantly improve customer satisfaction by designing, manufacturing, and presenting modern, high quality, and various products by the use of advanced technologies and experienced human resources. It is also well aware of its social responsibility in preserving the environment and promoting human’s life style.
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